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Welding Supplies

For the latest welding equipment, or to restock your welding supplies, contact us.

We stock all types of welders, including the ever-popular MIG, TIG, and arc welders.

We also have a large range of safety gear and welding helmets. Helping to keep you and your employees safe, productive, and compliant with H&S legislation.

Key Brands in Welding and Safety


We are proud to stock a large range of MIG, TIG, Arc welders and plasma cutters from XcelArc. Their Viper and Razor ranges will have a machine to fit your needs and budget. We also stock a huge amount of spares and consumables.


Weldwell are New Zealand's only manufacturer of Arc Welding Electrodes and have a 60-year history of providing innovative welding products and solutions to industries throughout New Zealand, Australasia and the South Pacific. Mig, Tig, and Arc Welding machines and supplies.


3M Speedglas are considered one of the very best on the market. We carry a range of helmets from the 100V Ninja entry level helmet to the mighty G5-01 air fed unit, plus spares for these models if you are already lucky enough to own one!

Not sure which helmet to get? Complete the Helmet Finder Quiz to find out.

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