Bearing & Engineering Technologies Ltd
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We stock a huge range of engineering consumables for all your trade and industrial needs.

If you have run out of something, give us a call. Betech are Dunedin’s locally owned and operated supplier of engineering supplies and consumables, servicing the wider Otago area.

In our warehouse we keep a wide selection of abrasives and cutting tools, including drill bits, thread taps, milling cutters, and lathe tools.

Brands include: Loctite, CRC, IZAR, Dronco, Norton, Rocol, Dormer and more!


Betech has Safety Gear

We can supply a wide range of industrial and engineering safety gear.

Whether you need safety glasses and gloves, or specialist welding and grinding masks, we have them in stock.

We also stock a range of dust masks with a selection of replaceable filters and grades. Choose from half-face or full-face models depending on your application.

Give Betech a call today.

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