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Betech stock Engineering Consumables

Betech stock a huge range of engineering consumables for all your trade and industrial needs.

If you have run out of something, give Betech a call. Betech are Dunedin’s locally owned and operated supplier of engineering supplies and consumables, servicing the wider Otago area.

Betech have a wide selection of abrasives and cutting tools, including drill bits, thread taps, milling cutters, and lathe tools.

Brands include: Loctite, CRC, IZAR, Dronco, Norton, Rocol, Dormer and more!


Betech has Safety Gear

Betech supplies a wide range of industrial and engineering safety gear.

Whether you need safety glasses and gloves, or specialist welding and grinding masks, Betech has them in stock.

Betech also stock a range of dust masks with a selection of replaceable filters and grades. Choose from half-face or full-face models depending on your application.

Call Betech Today for Engineering Consumables

Betech’s sales team can help you source the right gear for your job. Whether you need to completely upgrade your gear, or just need to replace the filters in your dust mask, Betech can sort you out.

Give Betech a call today.

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