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It's always nice to get feedback! Here's a message we received from a customer recently:

"Hi Team,

Just a quick thanks to you guys. As a travelling service engineer you guys win!!!! I often need things to get a job done. Tool, part , consumable and every time I am in Dunedin and needed something, you guys can supply…. And good quality stuff too! You guys are the best in the country .. just saying!

That “bastard” file you guys sold me last week sailed through the chassis of the instrument I was working on like butter!

The Festo regulator and mounting hardware from a few trips ago …. Well who knew you guys would stock Festo … awesome!

My new Vernier from last week… I haven’t killed it yet!

So thanks to you guys, you make my life busy little world easier…"

Ken Millar

Service Engineer



Thanks Ken, glad to hear we have helped!



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