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Brendon Martin

Internal Sales
Brendon Martin, Betech Counter Sales


Brendon Martin has been working at Betech since October 2016. He’s been in the industry since his first job at Wilson Brothers, straight out of school in 2009, where he learnt the basics of the industry. For eight years he worked and learned moving up through the company from the delivery boy to sales. After that he was looking for a change so moved to another company dealing with hydraulic and pneumatic seals where he spent 18 months learning everything he could about that part of the industry before Mike offered him a position in the Betech team.

As well as his years of experience, Brendon brings a positive and friendly attitude to Betech. He loves that there isn’t a day that he isn’t learning something new about the many product lines they deal with. He says that Betech are a great team who work hard but are always good for a bit of a banter and a laugh.

Brendon’s favourite part of the job is building relationships with Betech’s customers. He’s been working alongside some clients for more than a decade, and feels he’s built some good relationships over that time span. He likes nothing more than being thrown a bit of a curly problem, and then solving it so the customer sees an increase in productivity.

Outside of work Brendon helps run his church’s youth group, which is lots of fun for both him and the kids. He says the older he gets the more of a nerd he’s become. He enjoys board games, a good yarn, or some D&D. Brendon is a family man with three children and enjoys spending time with his family.

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