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Jo Flamank

Inward/Outwards Goods
Jo Flamank, Betech Inwards/Outwards Goods

Jo Flamank has been at Betech since July 2017, when she was fresh out of studying horticulture. Everything she knows about bearings and engineering she’s learnt on the job; she says she knew as much about the engineering industry as your average guinea pig when she started.

Thankfully, Jo is a quick learner, and knows how to find out anything she doesn’t already know. She says although she still feels like there’s a lot to learn, she’s not shy about asking questions and figuring stuff out.

Jo has a can-do attitude, is tech savvy, pays attention to details, and enjoys solving a good problem.

Her favourite part of the job is getting around town doing deliveries, enjoying the fresh air, and getting to see customers’ workplaces, and how they implement the solutions that Betech provide.

Outside of work, Jo is usually playing football or brewing her own beer.

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